Better-Than-New Engines for Sale

The best rebuilt and remanufactured engines

Don’t settle for a generic new engine that’s merely “good enough.” For the same money, treat yourself to a higher-quality remanufactured engine, built to better-than-new standards.

The best warranty in the industry

Breathe easy with the single best warranty in the industry: three years, no fault, and unlimited mileage.

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Why reman?

Professional installers choose reman about 4:1 over the next engine replacement option. Why?

  • It’s a smart investment that gives you the most performance for your dollar.
  • Reman components meet or exceed OE quality, and thanks to Gearhead’s years of experience, we often offer design improvements over new engines.
  • All our engines go through a stringent nine-step remanufacturing process, including “hot-run” testing.
  • You can count on successful installation, since—unlike with used engines—we replace all parts with new or remanufactured components.

What’s more, we offer 5,000+ engines for sale, including LS1 engines, 350 engines, 302 engines, 6.5 turbo diesels, and LT1 engines. Looking for a custom build? Let our expert manufacturers create a custom new engine specifically for you! And don’t forget about transmissions and cylinder heads—we have a wide selection to suit your every need.

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